Purchase and sale general conditions is a website distributor of the society NGIMPORT Sagl, CH-6514 Sementina
When ever we use the term we, us, our we refer to

1. General conditions
1.1 The purchase and sale general conditions (Condizioni Generali di Compra Vendita CGCV) regulate the complete purchase and sale conditions and the performances between the NGIMPORT Sagl (follow by and of its customers (follow by customer).

1.2 Only can consent to and change in writing, the conditions of sale.

2. Offer
2.1 A transaction is binding on products sold through the website, when an order is placed and accepted by us and the customer. Upon receipt of full payment by the customer, we will provide after sales service, which includes help and support of all Foscam products distributed by

We will only sell directly to end consumers and will not sell for redistribution. Therefore, we reserve the right to refuse orders from customers who places large orders, that is deemed unreasonable quantities.
2.2 We are not responsible for any product images, features, technical specifications and any other product related information on the website. Foscam China is the main manufacturer of Foscam products and are responsible for this and all product specifications are valid at the time of publish.


3. Price
3.1 All taxes are included in all our prices.
3.2 Additional expenses (such as shipping costs, packing, supplements according to the kind of payment chosen) are indicated separately and added to the invoice.
3.3 The cost of the product is fixed at the time the order is placed. We will honor this and not change the cost of the product once an order has been placed.
3.4 The technical modifications, mistakes and misprints remain reserved.
We can modify the prices at anytime and without prior notice.
3.6 Advice and support are not included in the selling price.

4. Payment options
We accept the following payment options according to the customer choice:

·         Anticipated bank payment

·         Credit card

·         Debit card

·         PayPal

4.2 We will only take payment from your debit and credit card, once you have placed an order with us and when we have confirmed the product is available for delivery. We have the right to cancel or accept payment of a product at any time without prior notice. Your personal payment details are encrypted, and processed directly by GlobeCharge, who are the payment service used by us.
4.3 A hard copy of the invoice and delivery note will be included together with the product when delivered.

4.4 You have up to 10 calendar days to make full payment from the date the order is placed. If we do not receive your full payment after 10 calendar days, we will reserve the right to cancel the order.
4.5 We reserve the right to raise questions about the solvency of the customer and for this purpose can pass this information to any third parties. We can generally refuse without other reason specific means of payment or exclude for individual customers.

5. Terms of payment
5.1 We can charge and change surcharges of some payment options without notice.

6. Order

6.1 Orders are only accepted online at

6.2 We will only accept orders from customer above the age of18 years old.


7. Delivery
7.1 Delivery will be made only by courier in Switzerland.
7.2 We will aim to deliver goods within a reasonable time period. Customers may cancel the order if we do not deliver the product after 30 days from the date the payment is made and we have confirmed stock availability.

7.3 We may cancel confirmed orders at anytime without prior consent due to external factors that are beyond their control, such as natural disasters. We will not incur any additional charges.
7.4 We are authorised to make partial deliveries.
7.5 We may charge different shippers for partial deliveries.

8. Risk due to transportation, shipping damage and shipping guarantee

8.1. Customers have the choice of different delivery options and should acknowledge there is a risk with delivery by standard post. However, the transportation is partially insured if it is shipped by priority SwissPost signature. The trace of shipment is guaranteed only with signature SwissPost.
8.2. Customers should check the conditions of the goods upon receipt of delivery and ensure it is not damaged or faulty. If the product is damaged whilst being delivered, then the courier company must notified immediately, but not later than 5 calendar days from the date of delivery.

8.3. All parts must be preserved in its original packaging. The insurance will cover up to the maximum cost of the product, which was damaged during transportation. The customer will only have the right to a repair, exchange (replacement of the same product) or to a compensation for the difference in value of the product. has the final decision as to the repair or exchange of a device. The damage to the goods delivered must be notified by email to us as soon as possible, no later than within 5 calendar days after delivery. In case of defects complaining, all the pieces of the original packaging must be kept.
8.4 Goods repaired and modified by the customer, will not be covered under the transportation insurance.

9. Return and Exchange
9.1 As a rule there is no right of return.
9.2 The return of the delivered goods may be made in exceptional cases. This return, however, requires in any case, the written agreement of
9.3 The return of goods must be made by courier, in original packaging, complete with all accessories attached invoice and / or delivery note showing the serial number of the item. Customers will incur the cost of sending the goods back to us.

9.4 For the costs of return shipments not agreed, we can claim compensation.
9.5 The return without original packaging, not complete with all accessories, without a serial number will be returned to the customer. We may charge the customer a sum of compensation for the administrative work and transport costs.

10. Provisions of warranty / guarantee of cessation

10.1 The delivery note and / or the bill is considered the guarantee document. Therefore, it must be kept in a safe place.
10.2 The customer takes note of the guarantee arrangements which generally provide only a right of repair or replacement of the device. Reasons for exclusion include damage caused by natural elements, moisture, damage from blows or falls, natural wear, incorrect use, damage by external action as well as work on the article or product modifications. Excluded from warranty are wearing parts. Repair or replacement of the device is decided exclusively by us.

10.3 The warranty period is not renewed in the case of a substitution. There is no right of replacement of the device for the duration of the repair. The delivery service is not part of the guarantee. Replacement under warranty or repair under warranty does not extend in any case the duration of the initial warranty.
10.4 Repairs / works of putting into operation in place and devices replacement are not part of the guarantee.


11. Repair

11.1 Customers can contact us directly for repairs.

We reserve the right to direct customers to an authorised distributor.

We will give customers a quote for the repair of their products and will only charge a maximum fee of CHF 70 for repair quotes that are not proceeded with by the customer. This fee will be charged to the customers and the device disposed of.

11.2 Devices must be sent to us or to an authorised distributor with all accessories and in original packaging. Shipping costs are charged to the customer. The transport company may refuse the transport of goods if the packaging is inadequate.


12. Disposal of used equipment

12.1 Exhausted and old equipment/parts can be sent for free to us or to an authorised distributor who will ensure the proper disposal of used goods.


13. Misuse of equipment

13.1 We exclude any responsibility for improper use of products.

In particular, the customer must inform themselves and comply with the applicable rules, laws and recommendations on the Swiss data protection and security.


14. Security, vulnerability in network systems

14.1 Systems connected to the network involve a certain risk of violation by malicious people. We recommend changing the password of equipment and to insert passwords sure. However, absolute security, as with other networked systems, is not guaranteed. The customer confirms being aware of the risks arising from the link in its network of IP CAM provided by us.

14.2 We disclaims any responsibility for any damage or inconvenience caused by computer violations by third party.


15. Translation of this PSGC

15.1 The original Purchase Sales General Conditions is in Italian and has translated this to the best of their knowledge in English, German and French. If any misunderstanding arises, the original text in Italian should prevail.

16. Competent jurisdiction

The competent jurisdiction is of Bellinzona.